Monday, December 21, 2009

An update on DeDe and planning...

Well, I'm sitting in the hospital room with DeDe.  Through some stubborn persistence on my part, he's supposed to get a swallow study this morning and I thought I needed to be here to make sure it was done correctly.  :)  I noticed that he was coughing after he ate and that's a signature sign of silent aspiration (it's silent because he's lost sensation on that side of the face and mouth so the food doesn't trigger the swallow reflex as quick as it needs to be triggered and portions of what he eats could be entering his airway).

As far as planning goes, I'm still waiting on the chapel to call me back about to nail down the date.  We found a possible reception venue as well....The Stonegate Mansion.  It's literally 5 minutes from the chapel and it's pretty much the coolest thing you've ever seen.  No joke.  Hopefully the prices work in our favor and Mom, Dad, Jacob, and I can go see it soon.  Cross your fingers.

**A few pictures of Stonegate Mansion**

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