Friday, April 30, 2010

Engagement Pictures!!!! (A Smaaaalll Portion of Them)

Just to give you a taste, here's a few of our engagement pictures!!  I love they way these turned out and can't wait to see the rest!!  Our photographer, Dorothy Gautreaux, is stinkin fabulous!!

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday- Have Some Food Poisoning or a Stomach Virus....

Yeah.  You read it right.  Food poisoning.

This past weekend Jacob and I took a break from packing and went to Jacob's nephew's (Andrew) birthday party in Little Elm (near Frisco).  The theme was uber cute:  Super Heroes.  Every kid came dressed as their favorite super heroes.  There were 2 Buzz Lightyears, 2 Spidermans, Cat Woman, something from Star Wars, etc.  Even the cake was pretty sweet- it was shaped like R2D2 from Star Wars.  Not flat shaped....standing up shaped.  Like 2 feet tall.

Well, that awesome cake is the culprit in the food poisoning pandemic that seems to have hit all of the adults.  Never in my life have I felt like this.  Ever.  Maybe this was God's way of making me not want to eat cake ever again.  Talk about a blessing in disguise.  :)

**THIS JUST IN: Looks like it's not food poisoning because another attendee of the party is sick and she didn't have any cake!  I'm still thinking this is God's little way of turning me off from cake.  I'm sticking to that. It's best for me and my waist line.**

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Engagement Pictures Coming Soon......'ll have to be patient.  I'm learning patience too.  It's a battle we'll fight together I guess.

The packing has continued.  My living room looks awesomely empty as there is nothing else left on the walls.  Jacob left a few minutes ago and before he left we sat on the couch and remembered the memories we had made in this's a little taste of what we remembered:

- Our first kiss
- Our engagement
- Jacob's first official trip to Waco
- ....etc.  ;)

2 weeks from yesterday I'll turn in my key to the apartment that holds a lot of good memories.  The good thing about it is, my new apartment will have just as many memories.  Maybe none as exciting as an engagement, but memories none-the-less.  :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Let me start by saying that I'm a horrible blogger.  Shame on me for waiting this long to update you on my life.  Please accept my apologies and read ahead with joy.

A lot has happened since I lasted chatted with's the SparkNotes version:

-March was a busy in.....I had a major event every weekend.
     *March weekend #1:  Jacob and I went back to Louisiana to visit my extended family.  We had a great time and got to drive a fabulous rental was a cherry red VW bug.  I loved it...Jacob not so much.  It was either that or a Nissan Cube.  I think we got the better end of that deal.

**Jacob took Aunt Mary Lou for a spin in the Bug.  She was impressed**

     *March weekend #2:  My friend Cassie got married and I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid.  Cassie got married at the same chapel that Jacob and I will get married at in December.  I was way excited to be in a wedding here.  (I'm the one on the end....on the left.)

     *March weekend #3:  My birthday!!!!  I spent the weekend in Austin.  Jacob treated me to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (my favorite) and a movie.  We decided to keep it low key for birthday's this year.  I'm ok with it- it's a big year for us.  Jacob and I took a short road trip to Marble Falls to run an errand for my dad.  We stopped by the Blue Bonnet Cafe on the way back home to Austin.  The Blue Bonnet Cafe is famous for their pies.  I let you see with your own eyes why:

**$5.00 says you just gained at least a pound by looking @ these**

     *March weekend #4:  "The Epic Job Hunt of 2010".  This weekend was the state speech pathology convention (TSHA).  TSHA is nice enough to hold on-site interviews during the weekend for us lowly new grads that can't get their foot in the door.  What's uber fun is that.....I FOUND A JOB IN AUSTIN!!  That's read it right.  I found a job- in Austin.  I'm pumped.  Really pumped.  (More about that later...)

Welcome to APRIL!!  So far April has been a fantastic month as's why:
     *April weekend #1:  Wedding dress day!  Staci, Lauri, Lindsey, my mom and I went hunting for my wedding dress.  We had 2 appointments on Saturday.  The first was at a place I found at the bridal expo.  It was a small little boutique- not the best customer service though.  I found a dress that I thought could be a contender but I felt like everyone else liked it more than I did.  Considering I'm a people pleaser, I seriously considered it because everyone liked it.  I convinced myself that I could make myself like it more.  At least I thought I did.  After wrapping up things at the first place, we all went to lunch and talked things over.  Staci gave me some good advice.  She told me to "Suck it up and quit trying to make everyone else happy."  Yes ma'am.  Will do.  :)  The next appointment was at a place that some friends have gotten their dresses at so I knew what I was getting myself into.  Customer service here was uber better.  I had 2 attendants waiting on me...and it was awesome.  This boutique had a policy of only choosing 4 favorites...otherwise it'll get overwhelming.  Yeah- they were right.  Absolutely right.  I had 3 favorites chosen when I had come to the end of my selections.  I tried each one back on and waited to feel "the moment".  The moment where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the dress you're wearing is your dress.  I didn't feel that with any of the dresses.  One of the attendants told me that she had an idea.  She went and pulled a dress that I had skipped over during my initial pull.  It had incorporated what I loved from the 3 favorites and pulled them together in one dress.  They put a veil on me and sent me out to the 3-way mirror....and I cried.  It was the one.  It was a great feeling.

**Pre-wedding dress day pedicures....a must.**

**Gas station stop before hittin' the road!**

**I wanted to keep this.....**

**A little tooooo close Staci.  A little too close.**

**Outside the second boutique....where my dress lives.**

And now....get ready.....big news.......I EMPLOYED IN AUSTIN!  Oh- and- I HAVE AN APARTMENT IN AUSTIN!  More details's still a relatively new development.

Muchos gracias for reading this far.  I promise it won't be this long before an update ever again.  Scout's honor.