Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday- Have Some Food Poisoning or a Stomach Virus....

Yeah.  You read it right.  Food poisoning.

This past weekend Jacob and I took a break from packing and went to Jacob's nephew's (Andrew) birthday party in Little Elm (near Frisco).  The theme was uber cute:  Super Heroes.  Every kid came dressed as their favorite super heroes.  There were 2 Buzz Lightyears, 2 Spidermans, Cat Woman, something from Star Wars, etc.  Even the cake was pretty sweet- it was shaped like R2D2 from Star Wars.  Not flat shaped....standing up shaped.  Like 2 feet tall.

Well, that awesome cake is the culprit in the food poisoning pandemic that seems to have hit all of the adults.  Never in my life have I felt like this.  Ever.  Maybe this was God's way of making me not want to eat cake ever again.  Talk about a blessing in disguise.  :)

**THIS JUST IN: Looks like it's not food poisoning because another attendee of the party is sick and she didn't have any cake!  I'm still thinking this is God's little way of turning me off from cake.  I'm sticking to that. It's best for me and my waist line.**

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