Monday, May 31, 2010

This Kind of Stuff Only Happens To Me....

Seriously.  It does.

First "only Kristen" happening:  I ran OUT of my running shorts last night at the apartment gym.  Yeah.  One minute I'm running, the next I'm catching my shorts before they hit my knees.  Not quite sure how I managed that one, but I did.  Note to self:  Don't run in your black Nike Tempo shorts ever again.  :)

Second "only Kristen" happening:  I broke my left pinky toe this morning.  Yeah.  Caught it on the door frame of my closet.  Jacob and I had planned to go watch the CapTexTri this morning downtown by the capital building.  In order to get there by start time, he was picking me up at my apartment at 6am.  Naturally, I woke up as late as possible that would still allow me primping time....5:40.  I was completely dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, etc when remembered I still needed socks.  Bad mistake.  That's when it happened.  I heard the pop and all.  It's one of those things that takes your breath away when it happens.  Not a romantic breath robbery....but one that makes you think you're about to pass out.  Here's a picture of the damage: (It's not that looks much worse now that the bruising is showing up and the swelling has increased....)
Isn't it nice and.....large?  It's probably the width of 2 of my other toes together.  My poor obese toe.  :(

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Engagement Pictures Have Arrived!

Better Late Than Never....

Sorry again for the delay in posting.  Life has been all kinds of adventurous these days.  First there was moving, then graduation, then the engagement party, and finally the crazy trip to Kansas for a wedding.  So, let's take each life event and give it it's own time in the spotlight:

What an awesomely stressful day.  :) Jacob and I left Austin around 9am and got to the arena waaay early in typical Kristen fashion.  After meeting up with family and taking pictures, I walked back to the holding area and was greeted by one of my favorite professors.  I asked her if my hood was on right and she stopped and looked at me rather concerned and said, "Sweety, I hate to tell you this, but your hood is the wrong color".  I'm sorry, what?!?! Apparently, the white portion of the hood is supposed to be yellow.  White means you wrote a thesis, yellow means that you didn't.  I mean, I'm fine with appearing smarter than I am, but I'm not willing to do it at the expense of being the odd man out in the group.  I was told that the bookstore booth might have some extras and to go there and check.  So, running through the halls of the Ferrel Center in my 4 inch heels, I went in search of the illusive hood.  Yeah- too bad they didn't have one.  I found my brother and he said that the would go to the bookstore on campus and exchange the hood for the right one.  We were pushing the boundaries considering it was 45 minutes till the ceremony started.  I set into a fit of shaking from the stress.  (Which, taught me that I need a wedding planner.  I can't have shaking fits the day of the wedding.  I just can't.)  Everything turned out well, I got my hood and walked the stage without tripping.
Me, DeDe, and Jacob

Me, Dad, Mom, and DeDe

Me and Jacob

Oh hey- it's the right hood!

After graduation...and with the right color hood.

Aunt Mary Lou, me, and Aunt Faye.  They traveled all the way from Louisiana!

He said he was proud of his little graduate.  :)

Engagement Party:
After graduation, Jacob, Toby, and I started the long 4 hour journey to Longview for our engagement party.  Jacob's parents threw us a fantastic shindig.  Food was great, conversation was great, everything was great.  So great that we were so preoccupied that the only pictures taken during the party were at the end...and one of them is completely ridiculous- thanks to me.  

Aww....we're pretty stinkin cute together.

Let me explain...I learned this trick while at Baylor.  It promises to produce gut busting pictures every time.  All you have to do is trill your lips, blow raspberries, or whatever you want to call it.  In middle school choir, Mrs. Allen called it "blowing bubbles"

Sunday morning Jacob and I flew to Kansas City to attend his childhood friend, Greg's wedding.  Apparently our reputation preceded us because everyone knew us as, "the ones from Texas".  Awesome.  The wedding was beautiful and I had a great time learning about the crazy antics Jacob and Greg got into.  For example, Greg's mom was super eager to share the story about how when Jacob and Greg were in elementary school she heard them making all kinds of noises in the bathroom so she went to go check on them....and they were both peeing on the wall.  Awesome.  :) 
The adventurous part of the trip came at about 10:30 Sunday night when I got a call from my mom telling me that all of the flights that next morning were oversold and we were pretty much stuck in Kansas City.  Jacob and I flew on my brother's standby passes because he works for American Airlines so when a flight is oversold, it means that our hopes of getting on a flight were immediately dashed.  After some research, mom found a flight out of Springfield that we would be able to get on.  Too bad Springfield is 3.5 hours from Kansas City and we have to be there an hour before the flight leaves....which means that we have to leave by 2:30am....and it was already 12:30am.  Yeah.  Well, after getting about 1.5 hours of sleep, we got in the rental car and began the lonely drive to Springfield.  I drove from Kansas City until Sarcoxie...which is about 45 miles from Springfield.  I got to the point to where I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore.  Like- past the point of exhaustion.  We made the flight and got home to Grapevine around 8:30 and went back to sleep and woke up at 12:30...and we're still exhausted.  All in all, it was a pretty good trip.

Jacob and the KU mascot.  Take note of the "Gig Em".

Me and the KU mascot.  Sic 'Em.

Ok.  I'm done for now.  :)  You're welcome.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, I made it to Austin!  I'm sitting in the floor of my living room in my new apartment!

The whole moving experience was kinda bittersweet.  Bitter considering I've lived in that apartment for approximately 4 years and sweet considering I now live in the same town as Jacob!

Saturday morning started nice and early.  Luckily Jacob came into town Friday night to help with the finishing touches and boxing up the last minute stuff.  Mom and dad rolled up in the 26ft U-Haul around 9am and the work started.  Thank goodness Staci and her dad came over to help with the box moving.  Who knew I acquired so much stuff over the course of my time in 4207.  ;)  Here are a few pics from moving day:
**Not sure if the sad face is about moving altogether or actually having to move so many dang boxes down 3 flights of stairs.**

**Last picture before locking the door for good.**

After the final goodbye's with the apartment, we all caravaned to Austin to begin the unloading process.  Unfortunately we didn't have any help on this leg of the journey so we had to move all of my stuff alone.  I think it took around 3hours to unload everything.  Needless to say, we were all exhausted.  

I'll be uploading more pictures in the coming days of the new apartment.  I really want to hurry and get stuff on the walls before I show you where I'm residing at now.  I don't like bare walls....