Monday, May 31, 2010

This Kind of Stuff Only Happens To Me....

Seriously.  It does.

First "only Kristen" happening:  I ran OUT of my running shorts last night at the apartment gym.  Yeah.  One minute I'm running, the next I'm catching my shorts before they hit my knees.  Not quite sure how I managed that one, but I did.  Note to self:  Don't run in your black Nike Tempo shorts ever again.  :)

Second "only Kristen" happening:  I broke my left pinky toe this morning.  Yeah.  Caught it on the door frame of my closet.  Jacob and I had planned to go watch the CapTexTri this morning downtown by the capital building.  In order to get there by start time, he was picking me up at my apartment at 6am.  Naturally, I woke up as late as possible that would still allow me primping time....5:40.  I was completely dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, etc when remembered I still needed socks.  Bad mistake.  That's when it happened.  I heard the pop and all.  It's one of those things that takes your breath away when it happens.  Not a romantic breath robbery....but one that makes you think you're about to pass out.  Here's a picture of the damage: (It's not that looks much worse now that the bruising is showing up and the swelling has increased....)
Isn't it nice and.....large?  It's probably the width of 2 of my other toes together.  My poor obese toe.  :(

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