Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, I made it to Austin!  I'm sitting in the floor of my living room in my new apartment!

The whole moving experience was kinda bittersweet.  Bitter considering I've lived in that apartment for approximately 4 years and sweet considering I now live in the same town as Jacob!

Saturday morning started nice and early.  Luckily Jacob came into town Friday night to help with the finishing touches and boxing up the last minute stuff.  Mom and dad rolled up in the 26ft U-Haul around 9am and the work started.  Thank goodness Staci and her dad came over to help with the box moving.  Who knew I acquired so much stuff over the course of my time in 4207.  ;)  Here are a few pics from moving day:
**Not sure if the sad face is about moving altogether or actually having to move so many dang boxes down 3 flights of stairs.**

**Last picture before locking the door for good.**

After the final goodbye's with the apartment, we all caravaned to Austin to begin the unloading process.  Unfortunately we didn't have any help on this leg of the journey so we had to move all of my stuff alone.  I think it took around 3hours to unload everything.  Needless to say, we were all exhausted.  

I'll be uploading more pictures in the coming days of the new apartment.  I really want to hurry and get stuff on the walls before I show you where I'm residing at now.  I don't like bare walls....

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