Friday, December 18, 2009

Bittersweet Day....

Today has been a little.....strike that.....very bittersweet.

Jacob, Mom, and I went to Marty Leonard this morning to view the place.  Loved it.  Booked it.  That's the sweet part.  The bitter part is that my DeDe had a stroke this morning and is still in the hospital.  I was talking with Staci earlier today and she made the comment of how she wasn't sure if it was better or worse that I know so much concerning strokes.  I completely agree.  I'm not sure if it's better or worse that I know what all is involved in this.

Enough bitter- let's get back to the sweet.  Marty Leonard had someone tentatively scheduled for the 4th of December, however: that is the other bride's second choice.  We're praying that she goes ahead and goes her gut feeling and take her first choice in October.  She likes October.  She should get married in October.  It's a good wedding month- for her.  :)

I should know by early next week what date for sure the wedding will be at.  We've got our name down for 3 consecutive weekends starting with the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Maybe our save the dates should say something like, "Save the Date!  Set aside 3 whole weekends!".  No, that's tacky.  :)

I'll keep you posted on DeDe.  I'm not sure how long he'll be in here.  We'll just have to wait it out.


  1. Checked out the website of the chapel. Beautiful choice, ma'am!! And we'll be praying for DeDe for sure.

  2. Sorry about DeDe... I understand knowing too much. My PawPaw has a appointment with a neurologist next week... I'm calling it dementia right now but hoping it's not a tumor. Oh I know too much. I'm glad you found a place! Let me know what I can help with! I'm all for planning weddings as long as they aren't mine :)