Friday, December 11, 2009

Pictures from the big night...oh and we've picked a date!

Just in case come of you haven't seen the pictures from our engagement night, here's a little sample of the 150+ pictures taken.

**Right after it happened.  Jacob was so sweet!  I was obviously in shock by the look on my face and he just sat there and told me he loved me and rubbed my back.  Good grief I love him.**

**Can't you tell we're excited?!?!**

**Probably one of my favorite pictures from the night**

**Hanging to ornament that Jacob gave me the ring in.  I'll cherish that ornament forever.**

**My beeeeeee-utiful ring!**

And now the moment you've all been waiting for:  the date.
Drum rolllllll please:

December 4th, 2010!

We thought it would be sweet to get married exactly one year after we got engaged.  I had always said that I didn't want to be engaged more than a year and it looks like I'll get my way about that!  My roommate, Ashley, told me a funny fact a few days ago.  She said, "Do you realize that he proposed exactly a year after we went down to Austin and went bowling with him?  Did you realize that??"  The story behind that is that I begged her to go down to Austin with me that night because I really wanted to see Jacob again.  I hadn't seen him since the night we met but had talked on the phone with him some.  Nothing beats a phone conversation more than a face to face conversation.  Being the safety minded person I am, I wanted someone to go with me for insurance purposes.  Someone to fake illness in case it wasn't going well.  :)  No need for that- bowling was more fun that I've had in a long time.  After the proposal, Staci brought to my attention that December 4th fell on a Saturday next year and that we could get married exactly one year after we got engaged.  How precious!  So, it looks like December 4th plays a huge part in our relationship: our first semi-date; our engagement; and next year, our wedding!  Thanks to Ashley and Staci for bringing that date to our attention!


  1. I love this wedding planning blog idea! I will be following!!

  2. Yay!!! I love reading yours! I just recently got on the blog train. I'm glad to see other people jumped onto it waaay before I did. Guess I've been living under a rock for the past few months.