Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, the past few days have been full of fun and such.  I found out on Tuesday that I passed my state Praxis exam which means I can be licensed by the state in Speech Language Pathology!  Finals began and ended this week for me as well.  I passed all of them with flying colors and concluded my campus grad school work with a nice and shiny 3.5 under my belt.  That feels pretty good too.  :)

Jacob and I are headed to Dallas on Friday morning to go look at places for the wedding.  Here's the list of where we're going:
1.  Marty Leonard Chapel in Ft. Worth

(Just in case you forgot what it looked like....)  :)
2.  Fielder Road Baptist Church
3.  First Baptist Dallas (time permitting)

Hopefully we can find one we like.  If not, that's ok.  That just means more looking is needed.

I've already made my plan of attack for the day after Christmas.  Mom, Dad, Jacob, and I will be hitting the store waaay early that morning to get every thing silver related to Christmas decorating in the store.  Silver ornaments, silver Christmas trees (not the tacky 80's aluminum trees....the cool ones made from ball ornaments), silver table runners, silver this, and silver that.  You get the picture.  That'll be the first big wedding purchase being made!  How exciting!  I'll be sure and take a lot of pictures to show you just how hardcore we (and by we, I mostly mean I) am about this decorating business.  :)

Blessings today ya'll!

UPDATE:  Swing and a miss on 2 of the 3 choices.  First Baptist Colleyville requires that you be a member.  Scratch that one off the list.  First Baptist Dallas doesn't do December weddings.  Period.  I feel like you could be the queen and they would still tell you no.  Scratch that one off the list too.  Vegas anyone?


  1. Just out of curiosity, why is First Euless not on your list? That's stupid First Dallas doesn't do December weddings, come on now! :)

  2. I've yet to see a wedding done there that's been something I wouldn't mind doing. And, for the reception, they don't allow dancing...not even for the couple. Also, there's another reason that probably shouldn't be posted on the internet. :) It's a good reason though.

    And yes, it is stupid. When the lady told me that, I said, "Are you kidding me?" before I could stop myself. Oops. As far as Prestonwood goes, they don't book December weddings until April or after because they don't know the schedule of the Christmas pageant until then. That's stupid too. I can't wait that long.

  3. We ran into this booking problem with our church and thanksgiving as well... thus the non-church wedding. Are non-church venues completely out? I'd pose the thought to reconsider....

  4. No, they aren't out. We're looking at one tomorrow....the Marty Leonard Chapel. I've been in love with that place via pictures almost as long as I've loved Jacob. ;)