Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dallas Bridal Expo....

So as many of you know, this past weekend was the Dallas Bridal Expo.  Let me just tell you....there was some STUFF there.  Golly gee.  Mom, dad, and I set out on our Expo adventure pretty early on Saturday.  We weren't there right when the door opened, but we showed up about 30 minutes after the opening.  You would have thought they were handing out free cakes and dresses as many people were there.  Seriously.  At times, it was hard to even walk down aisles so we had to resort to just standing in the middle of the aisle and wait for an opening to begin walking again.  For someone like me who is a natural born mall-walker, this slow moving pace got me a little un-nerved.  :)

They handed out huge shopping bags right as you walked in the front door in order to make it easier to carry around the "literature" you would accumulate over the course of your time there.  Well, I got a bag and mom got a bag and we had those babies filled up with brochures and magazines within the first row.  Like any good shopper, we searched for more bags to fill with our literature.  The back of the expo center was entirely dedicated to a wedding gown designer....and they had more bags.  Again, mom and I got one.  Dad ended up for a second looking more like a pack mule and less like a dad.  After we got the bag situation figured out (me carrying 1, mom carrying 1, and dad carrying the remaining 2- his choice.  I tried to take one.), we continued the slow move down the aisles.  Mom had the smart idea of packing a lunch and taking it with us.  I didn't think that was such a hot idea and refused to do it.  Good thing I was defiant....there were soooo many dang samples of caterers and cakes none of us were hungry the entire 5 hours we were there.  Some of those cakes packed a major punch- like you could taste the sugar and feel your waste expanding.  I found my cake 2 feet into the expo.  It was on a tall stand in the middle of the room and I was in love.  It's almost exactly like the cake I pictured earlier in the blog.  It's perfect.  We'll definitely go and visit that cake shop in Southlake when it comes time to do those such things.  The last aisle of the expo proved to be the best, in my opinion.  I found my 2 wedding dress boutiques and got to try on veils!!  Geez that was the weirdest thing ever.  Seriously.  This lady sat me down on a stool and said, "Let's play".  Umm, yeah....ok.  She gave me one of those vintage/chic/modern/have-to-be-trendy-to-pull-it-off birdcage veils and then a long cathedral length one.  I loved both.  Who would have thought I would be a birdcage girl.  Hmmmp.  Whatever works.  :)

The final event of our stay at the Expo was a wedding dress fashion show.  Luckily it was presented by one of my 2 boutiques so I sat there on the front row like someone special and took notes.  I was straight out of fashion week sitting on that front row.  All I needed to complete the look was my sunglasses and maybe a cool hat.  Needless to say I found some dresses that will get tried on for sure in April.

All in all it was a pretty successful trip to the Expo.  Jacob and I now have to go through the piles and piles of honeymoon brochures and booklets.  I'm kinda pumped about that.  Maybe we can decide where we want to go.....maybe.

Oh- the 2 big purchases from the BRIDAL expo?  Jewelry cleaner and a Toll Tag.  :)

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  1. I love the birdcage veils! I definintly am hoping I can pull one off someday..