Friday, January 15, 2010

Survived the week....

This past week was my first in my semester long internship at a hospital here in Waco.  I was actually quite nervous about it going into it, but it all turned out ok in the end.  I've learned a lot of new things this first's a little taste:

1.  How to correctly electrically stimulate someone's face.  (Yeah, you read that correctly- electrical stimulation)
2.  How to correctly swab the back of someone's throat and move out of the way quick enough so that you aren't wearing what they ate for breakfast or lunch.
3.  How to properly follow the physical therapist around with an oxygen tank and an IV pole while conducting a verbal test of cognition.
4.  How to write a report with the assistance of the pre-worded template and have a doctor comment to you on how excellent and professional the wording is.
5.  How to identify dentures in an xray.  (Don't ask where they were...)
6.  How to smile and nod my way through an exam conducted completely in Spanish.
7.  How to make it from one end of the hospital to the other in 2 minutes by mall walking.
8.  How to enter a restricted area unintentionally.  (Don't ask how that happened either....)
9.  How to correctly make a bed-to-toilet transfer and not get my shoes dirty.

And finally....
10.  How to be an excellent speech pathologist.  :)

Jacob is on his way here for the weekend.  We'll be taking down the Christmas tree.  I figured it was about time to take it down for the season.  I just like to look at's so pretty.

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  1. [deep yoga inhale and exhale]
    week one, dominated.