Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best Laughs Today...

Well, I had a lot of laughs today...but here's the top 2:

1.  While driving to work this morning I got caught at the usual red light.  I don't normally look over and investigate who's next to me, but for some reason this morning I felt an incredible urge to look to my left.  I'm so glad I did because what I saw was a blast from the past.  A bag phone.  Yep.  Bag phone.  This dude was chatting it up on his circa 1993 bag phone.  I'm surprised it still works.  Just in case you don't know what one of these dinosaurs looks like, here's a refresher:

2.  One of my cuties is working on her "th" sound in therapy.  I was trying not to give her a model of correct production for a certain word so I gave her a sentence to complete.  The word I was looking for was "thief" but rather than that, I got this little gem.

Me: Ok...what is this? (showing her a picture card)
Her:  I don't know.  What is it?
Me:  Well, let's see.  He looks that probably means he's bad.
Her:  Yeah
Me:  He's running from a bank.  Looks like he just robbed the bank so that makes him __________.
Her:  Rich.  He's filthy rich now.

I couldn't help but laugh.....really hard.....for a long time.  

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