Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 4....Your Favorite Book

Favorite book......let's see.  I'm going to have to think about this on for a while.  I haven't read anything except text books for about 6 years.  I could nerd it up for you and tell you my favorite text book, but I'm afraid of the judgments that would follow.

So, favorite book.  I would have to say that currently, it's Spoken From the Heart by Laura Bush.  Whenever I have a free moment in life, I pick it up and read a few pages.  I love the way she writes.  Mrs. Bush makes it easy for you to paint a good literary picture in your mind about things.  There's a portion of the book where she talks about a car wreck that she caused that killed her really good friend.  I couldn't help but feel for her during that part.  I can't wait to finish the book.  Granted, it might be on the honeymoon, but I'll finish it. 

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