Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Bad At This....I'm Sorry....

Well, ever since my joy ride into adulthood began a little of a month ago with my job, I've found less and less time to update the blog.  Please accept my apologies.  :)

Here's the latest in my Terkelsen in Training life:

1.  We had to change the reception venue to a rise in cost.  Apparently the fine print stated that prices were subject to change without notification.  The price went up to more than I felt the place was worth so my mom and the wedding planner (the amazing Pam Hill) found a new place:  The Bass Hall!  It's way cooler than the other place and it's cheaper.  I'd say it's a bargain....and I loveeee me a bargain.

Yep...that's the place.  AND!  Jacob and I get to leave the reception in a horse drawn carriage.  I was immediately sold on this....Jacob- not so much.  

2.  I picked my bridesmaids dresses a couple of weekends ago.  I was lucky to have all of my bridesmaids together for this special weekend!  We talked about the next time we'd all be together for sure would be at the wedding! I found "the one" dress at the first stop but needed to make it settled in my own mind that I had exhausted all options so we went looking at another place.  Naturally, I found one I liked there too.  Naturally.  So, I needed to go to another place to settle my mind.  Luckily nothing at the 3rd place was any sort of options.   Here's a picture of my beauties and their dresses:  (Like said on Facebook, right now they look like a bag of Wildberry Skittles, but rest assured they'll all be in the dark purple color in December)

3.  Jacob and I completed 2 of our 3 registries last weekend.  Jacob claimed we spent 5 hours in Bed Bath & Beyond, but actually we only spent 4.  I can honestly say I've never been that overwhelmed in a store ever.  It's a big deal to be picking out stuff that you'll have for the upcoming future.  Big deal.  No pressure.  Our Bridal consultant guy was a hoot.  He literally followed us around the entire store commenting on certain items and how much he recommends them.  I'm sure I'd recommend a $600 set of pots too if  my job depended on it.  ;)  By the end of it all, we had 14 pages worth of items and we still didn't get everything we had thought of.  After we left BB&B, Jacob needed to go home and take a breather.  I convinced him to let me start at Target without him.  It was across the street so why waste a trip?!  Jacob re-joined me about 45 minutes later and we finished the Target registry relatively quickly.  Jacob even scanned a Nerf Gun.  :)

Next big thing on the wedding planning list is the cake.  :)  I'm uber pumped about the cake and so is Jacob.  

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  1. I'm definintly going to be using Mrs Pam Hill too! Wedding planning is just to much to do on your own! Love love love the Bass Hall/horse drawn carriage idea. Fort Worth is my fav.