Sunday, June 20, 2010

First 2 Weeks of Adulthood....

Well, since we last chatted, I've officially started my job and gotten my first paycheck!  In true Kristen fashion, I thought I would share with you the top 10 things I learned in my first 2 weeks at the new job: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  :)  (there wasn't any ugly...I just couldn't think of any other word to fill in there that fit.)

1.  When you think you've seen it all, you're wrong.

2.  Baby food looks, smells, and probably tastes like vomit.

3.  I have a big nose....according to a kid. (I think they're completely wrong)

4.  Over achieving can really get you places.

5.  Sitting on your butt and doing nothing....yet getting paid....isn't nearly as fun as it sounds.

6.  Having a company email address means you're LEGIT.

7.  Having the first kid that you see in a session pee himself makes for instant office jokes at your expense.

8.  Living 5 minutes from the office allows at least 30 more minutes of sleep each morning.

9.  You can never have enough activities planned for a session...especially when a hyperactive 3 kid is involved.

And finally....

10.  Getting a check for doing what you love is probably the best feeling in the entire world....other than being in love.  :)

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