Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend...

This weekend was probably one of the best ones in our relationship thus far....obviously nothing can really top the engagement weekend or the weekend we became an official item.

To start our Valentine's Festivities on Friday night, Jacob cooked us a wonderful meal.  He got the recipe from the Food Network and it was WONDERFUL.  It was a lemon salmon with pasta and a creole seasoning.  I'm not a fish girl, but this stuff was goooood.  I'm so excited to have such a wonderful cook as my future husband.  I figured one day we could open our own restaurant and he could cook all the food and I'll bake all of the deserts.  :)  I think it'll work.  After the wonderful meal, we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  I think he did that just to make me might have been a smidge bit artsy for him.

Saturday was a more "Jacob" centered day.  We went to the marathon expo in downtown and did some shopping at Sam's.  Jacob had been telling me all week that I was going to LOVE my V-day present from him so naturally I was very anxious about getting it.  He ordered it previously in the week and was very upset that it hadn't arrived by Friday night when we did our card exchange.  Luckily, it got there Saturday...and he was right- I loved it.  He got me an hour long massage at a spa in downtown Austin.  I had told him previously that the only thing I wanted for a present this year was to feel love and pretty.  What girl doesn't want that?!?  So, he killed 2 birds with 1 stone with the massage gift.  How pretty can someone feel when they're completely relaxed?  Pretty dang pretty I'm sure.  After our afternoon downtown, we went out to dinner at this really cute Italian market place in the Medical District.  Everyone else had the same idea considering the line to get in the place was out the door and to the street.  We waited over an hour in the cold to eat at this place, and believe me, it was worth it.  After dinner we went to a movie...."Valentine's Day".  It was really cute!!  I loved how every story line begins really randomly and by the end they are all connected.  Jacob asked me while we were trying to find a parking spot how cliche' we were....dinner and a movie.  I have a feeling that later down the road "dinner and a movie" won't be so cliche'.  A night away from kids is going to be a little slice of heaven.

Sunday we woke up early and ventured out to watch the Austin marathon.  One of Jacob's groomsmen ran the marathon and we both decided to be great friends and support him.  While we were watching, I came up with the bright idea of running the Austin half marathon with Jacob next February.  I'll be moving to Austin in May and Jacob can help me train and give me that little push to keep moving.  It's going to be kind of like having Bob from The Biggest Loser screaming at me in the gym....but in a more loving way.

I'm sure you're all wondering what's next up on the wedding'll be happy to know that it's dress shopping!!!  Easter weekend is rapidly approaching and I'm trying my absolute derndest to not look like a stuffed sausage in a wedding dress.  :)

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